West Highland Terrier in Royal Steward Tartan Collar & Harness

Westie in Royal Steward Tartan Harness & Leash by the Artful CanineSo you are in search of a Plaid Dog Collar – either because you dog is a Gaelic breed, or your family is of Scottish or Irish descent.

Some of the most well-known tartans are designs that you probably are already familiar with. You may have seen these tartans in clothing, home decor, or other popular items that use plaid. However there are 1000′s of authentic tartans, so what’s the best way of going about picking plaid dog collars for your dog? Give some thought to these approaches:

Seek a Tartan that Represents Your Family Name

If you are of Scottish or Irish descent, then pick a tartan that represents your family name. A good resource for identifying your family tartan can be found at The Scottish Tartans Authority website. While finding a plaid dog collar in your family tartan may prove difficult, you will likely be able to find a plaid that is similar in color and pattern. Not to mention that your pup will be the sharpest dresser on the block!

Try a Tartan With Roots in Your Dogs Breed

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