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All Artful Canine quick release dog collars, martingale collars, charming collars, coordinating dog leashes & step-in dog harnesses are finely crafted in the US by The Artful Canine. Unlike a purchase from a "big box" pet retailer, many of our dog collars are original Artful Canine designs. So if you are looking for unique dog collars for your dog, you will enjoy shopping with us!

Handcrafted construction

Our effort to make long-lasting, quality products for your dog is in the details:

Heay weight nylon thread with Smaller stitches which prevent unraveling

Double, triple and quadruple seams (depending on collar size) to secure product hardware

Finishes edges to minimize skin irritation

Scotch guard white/light fabrics to minimize staining and provide a fresh finish.

quality Materials

The fabrics we use for our products are chosen for their color, comfort, and durability.

Nylon webbing for its fit, flexibility and non-chaffing characteristics

Topstitched fabrics that add body & strength to our collars

Fabrics that are durable, colorfast, and machine washable*

Hardware selected for strength, color and finish

Acetyl buckles that are strong and durable. Even with large dogs, our buckles stand up well over time

Metal hardware (D-rings, martingale slides, leash hooks) in Zinc or Steel

* Machine wash our products in cold water on delicate cycle, and flat or line dry.

1Year Guarantee or We'll Replace it for Free!*

We’ve tested our collar & leash products with puppies, small dogs, and big dogs for everyday use, outdoors and indoors. We also run each new collar design through several washes to ensure that our fabrics hold up to everyday wash and wear. With exception to fabric wear* we expect our dog collars to last a year. If you find that this does not hold true, we welcome you to return your purchase and we’ll replace your dog’s collar for free!*

*Our collars and harnesses are intended for use indoors unleashed, or outdoors on leash for dogs only. For harnesses and martingales, we advise that they be used on leash only, as dogs can get caught easily in brush and branches when unsupervised. This not only can cause damage to our product, it can put your dog's safety at risk. Any other use of these products is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Our guarantee does not apply to charms, chewing, or premature wear and tear of fabric finish associated with scratching, biting, or rubbing. We cannot guarantee the fabric or nylon from fraying or wearing if they are not washed using our recommended care instructions. Charms should not be washed and are not eligible for replacement guarantee. Replacement collars will be of the same or comparable style/size as originally purchased.

Premature fabric/nylon wear due to the friction of excessive pulling on the loop of our martingale collar may, over time, begin to fray at the edges. This is normal, and typically occurs with large, strong dogs that pull non-stop when on leash, and create and continuous friction from the steel loop rings. While we guarantee that the loop, nor collar, will break from this stress, you will find that the nylon/fabric will wear from this friction over time. For this type of dog, we strongly urge shoppers to purchase a martingale with a metal loop, which is designed for such use. Our "half-check" martingale, which is designed for more vigorous wear, is perfect for this, and will easily last a year or more.



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The Artful Canine is the manufacturer and sole retailer of its Artful Canine™ branded products. If you see our products sold anywhere other than on this website, they are not made by The Artful Canine.

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